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Ways to make your home lighter!

21/01/2018, by Liverpool South, in Design Hints and Tips | Liverpool Blog | Main Blog


1. Roof light 

It’s an interesting fact to know that the average skylight brings in about double the amount of natural light into a space than a window. They can bring natural light into your home over a kitchen extension, loft conversion, above a staircase, in a bathroom or a living area, and as well as bringing tonnes of light into your space they also free up wall space where you would have had to put windows.

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2. Roof Lantern

Roof lanterns are ideal for flat roof extensions and they work as a great feature. They look great over a kitchen Island unit or a dining table. Have a look at the Roof Lantern featured in this Pride Road Victorian Terraced House Extension.

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3. Glazing

Including structural glazing can give an otherwise ordinary space a very modern and bright feel. Structural glazing allows to get more light and views into a space due to mot having traditional window frames and structure.

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4. Glazed link

Not only does including a glazed link add a contemporary feel to your home but it also brings light into what would normally be the darkest part of your house when you build an extension. Glazed links can bring light in from the ceiling or walls, or it can wrap around to do both.

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5. Glass Door

A simple but effective way to brighten up your hallway is to include glazing panels above, in and around your front door. Making this simple change can bring a lot of light into an otherwise dark and underwhelming entrance hall.

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written by Catherine Traynor