A Guide to Residential Architecture in Woolton

02/07/2017, by Catherine Traynor, in Liverpool Blog | Main Blog, 0 comments

If you are fortunate enough to live in the L25 area of Liverpool in Woolton then you will know all of the charms the area has to offer! From the Woolton village conservation area to the beautiful parks such as Allerton Tower Park, Reynolds Park and more, this area of Liverpool is arguably one of the most picturesque and green in Liverpool.

The houses here are also the envy of other postcodes in the city. A quick search on any local estate agents website will show in L25 the houses are typically large 4 and 5 bed detached houses. This is an area that boasts houses which that have names instead of numbers!

The area also has more affordable housing though for those who want to live in the area but have a smaller budget.

Here we have composed a list of 5 different streets in the Woolton area to explore what different types of housing is on offer for different budgets.


  1. Acrefield Road


Listed in the Liverpool Echo’s top ten most expensive streets in Merseyside, this tree lined street in Woolton is in a conservation area its average house price is £408,000 as of June 2017.


2.Reynolds Way


Reynolds way is one of the more modern streets in Woolton, but no less charming. A cul de sac with detached bungalows and larger 2 storey houses, the average house price in this street is £221,000 as of June 2017.


  1. Waylands Drive


At the slightly more affordable end of the spectrum is Waylands drive where the average house price is £199,000 as of June 2017. This price will get you a 3 bed semi detached house with a drive, and being only 5 minutes drive from the beautiful Woolton Village we think these houses represent good value for money!


  1. Rose Street


This street his home to attractive post-war terraced housing with fairly generous front and back gardens. The average terraced house on this street has 2 bedrooms and costs approximately £122,000 as of June 2017.


  1. Roxbourough Walk


This street holds a mix of semi detached, terraced houses and flats ranging from approximately £119,000 upwards with the average house price at £159,000. At only 3 minutes walk away from Woolton Village this street offers affordability in the heart of Woolton.


Catherine Traynor