How to be a successful architect: Day 2 the concept design workshop

05/04/2017, by Lisa Raynes, in how to be an architect | Main Blog, 0 comments

On Day 2 of the training, Pride Road Manchester South director, Madga Haener teaches our new recruit for Liverpool South, Catherine Traynor, how to take a client through a workshop, the pitfalls and the wins. From etiquette on arrival, establishing rapport and designing with flair. As an award winning Architect, Catherine Traynor has the architectural skills, but needs to learn valuable lessons in how to work with clients on a day to day basis.

Award winning Architect, Catherine Traynor has joined the team at Pride Road, to head up the Liverpool South office. As a Franchisee she gets full training in how to build a successful architecture practice. In this series of videos we will follow her training.

On Day 2, in this session Alan Varley, our Technical Associate talks to Catherine Traynor, our new recruit for Pride Road Architects Liverpool South about what to look out for when surveying a house. Drains, Asbestos…the list is endless.

On Day 2, Catherine gets her first booking and wins her first job

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