How to be a Successful Architect

26/01/2018, by Lisa Raynes, in Main Blog, 0 comments

In this 10 part series, lead architect Lisa Raynes takes colleague Catherine Traynor through a process of discovery to find out what it takes to be a successful architect:

Award winning chartered Architect, Catherine Traynor joined Pride Road in April 2017 to…READ MORE

On Day 1, Catherine experienced her first client prospect meeting with founder Lisa Raynes…READ MORE

Madga Haener takes our new recruit Catherine through a workshop from etiquette on arrival, establishing rapport and designing with flair….READ MORE

On Day 3 Catherine meets Business Consultant Kathryn Orange to discuss her business plan and her go to market action plan….READ MORE

On Day 4 Catherine meets Stephanie Roper, the Wardrobe Angel to discuss image styling designed to build confidence and create the right impression. …READ MORE

Day 5 and Catherine attends her first networking event in Bolton where Pride Road founder Lisa Raynes was giving a 20 minute presentation on her journey into franchising…READ MORE

On Day 6 Catherine attends a BNI meeting – her second networking event, and has a professional headshot taken by Phil Tragen…READ MORE

On Day 7, Catherine runs her first concept design workshop….READ MORE

On Day 8, Catherine started looking at the back office systems of Pride Road Architects…READ MORE

A 2 hour session with Business Coach Imelda O’Keefe, Fresh Business Services talking about time management, confidence and tips on networking. …READ MORE

On her final day of formal training, architect Catherine Traynor sat down with Pride Road’s Zuza O’Brien to look through the Operations Manual to see how to use it in the day to day running of her business….READ MORE