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Architecture isn’t always an easy place for women.

While it’s important to note that our franchisee opportunity is open to both men and women, it can be particularly valuable to mothers returning to work.

Women might have the skills and experience to succeed, but things can get tricky if they decide to take time away to start a family. Often there’s little support for women returning to the profession after maternity leave, and what little there is dissipates even more when it becomes clear they don’t have 12 hours a day available to spend at an office desk.

Many women facing this challenge do one of two things. They either drop out of the profession completely, wasting years of hard work and study (not to mention money) or consider the possibility of setting out on their own. But, even those who do decide to freelance, face further obstacles. As well as balancing day-to-day childcare, school holidays and client servicing, there’s the also the issue of keeping work coming through the door and building a name people can trust.

This is where Pride Rd comes in. Our business model is one that not only came through the recession, it’s one that was born of it. We specialise in bespoke domestic residential properties, working closely with our customers to make sure they get the home of their dreams, on a budget that suits them. By being a trusted partner to our clients, we get to work in a consistently buoyant part of the market, helping owner occupiers build real homes for their loved ones.

As a Pride Rd franchisee, we can help you do the same. By applying our strategic, smart approach to working and utilising our brand, assets and experience to win the confidence of your clients you have the chance to become the architect you can be, on your own terms.

Left – Magdalena Haener of Pride Rd. Liverpool, read about her franchise experience here.

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