To buy or not to buy in Liverpool: Aigburth

lark laneEveryone is looking for the next property hot spot, the next up and coming place to buy. And when it comes to buying a home in Liverpool, there are a few such paces you might want to consider.

Aigburth is what’s known as a ‘hitcher’ – an area that piggy backs on the prosperity of its neighbouring regions. In this case, those regions would be Mossley Hill and Sefton Park. And if you like the idea of living somewhere with a bohemian, village-style feel and can’t afford to live in one of those locations, Aigburth is a great alternative.

For the more creative Liverpudlians looking to retire from urban life and leave behind the hustle and bustle of the city for something more green and serene, investing in property hot spots like Allerton, Allerton and Hunts Cross, Church, Cressington, Greenbank, Mossley Hill and Woolton can be an attractive ides, but some streets are more expensive than others. So, here are the ten most expensive in L18.

  1. Drewell Road
  2. Cedar Close
  3. Asbury Close
  4. Broadacre Close
  5. Friarsgate Close
  6. Menlove Gardens North
  7. The Calders
  8. Yew Tree Road
  9. Dudlow Lane
  10. Allerton Beeches

In a 2007 article, Guardian columnist Tom Dyckhoff listed his pros and cons for Aigburth, noting that it had the “craft markets, self-help groups and reiki” you could want. However, in addition to the good schools, bars and restaurants, Dyckhoff adds it has yet to be an up and coming place, and that the local police sirens “are still very audible”.

Back on the plus side though, the region is also praisecd for having some good rail connections, as well as “some great Victorian terraces and detached houses on wide, sprawling streets such as Woodlands Road and Ivanhoe Road.”