20 Top Tips for using your home efficiently during Lockdown

Laura Simpkins

by Laura Simpkins

07/04/2020, in Main Blog | New Forest & Bournemouth Blog


  • Collapse or move any furniture you don’t’ use very often to create more play spaces / different zones
  • Clear out your porch, add a chair, cushions, houseplants and baskets of books / magazines to create a quiet reading hideaway space
  • Clear out your loft to create as much safe floorspace as possible, add a rug, fairy lights and sweets to create a secret den for older children
  • Create a Harry Potter world in your understairs cupboard
  • Put up any tent you own in the garden to create more outside usable space and play areas
  • Turn your garage or conservatory into a home gym or games room, add a darts board, old table for table tennis and any gym equipment you may own
  • Use your imagination, give any small space a theme and let the kids make it their own
  • Make the most of the warm weather and clear out any sheds, they can become lego zones, cafes, shops or craft studios
  • Make the most of your kitchen table / island, either as a work station or lay out craft / art materials so that there is the opportunity for quiet creativity
  • This could be the ideal time to construct a tree house / Wendy house!



  • Find a zone to work that is yours, be it using a dressing table in your bedroom, conservatory, moving a table into the playroom and make sure there is a door you can close for conference calls
  • Chose a nice wall in this workspace, put a chair in front of it and use it as a clear uncluttered background for all those zoom calls


  • Create work with your partner so that you can both have the opportunity to concentrate knowing their is some parental supervision going on!
  • WIFI extender plugs are your friends!
  • Empty out your coat cupboard to make a new desk space
  • Work in a corner of the living room and if necessary set up a space on the other side of the room for a child to work

  • Get up early to get your key work done while it is quiet and there are less distractions
  • Experiment with homeschool in different areas of the house to minimise boredom
  • As an extreme example we know of someone who converted their large airing cupboard into a home office after a new boiler left it redundant!
  • Make some time for yourself, you don’t always have to take a child out with you for your daily exercise!