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5 Outdoor Dining Ideas

by Lisa Raynes

13/09/2020, in Main Blog

A great outdoor dining area should make you want to be there, so here’s our ideas and recommendations that should make your space beautiful.


Screen With Envy

They provide modern alternatives to fencing that can either be see through, or applied to pre-existing walls or fencing, that will give you a more contemporary feel to your space. They are cut in naturalistic, Moroccan and abstract patterns. https://screenwithenvy.co.uk/

Dizzy Duck Designs

If you are looking for a way of updating your patio without spending a fortune, you should try stencilling floor patterns. Dizzy duck designs provides stencils in many different styles such as oriental, modern/ geometric and African/ tribal, along with hints and tips on how to use them. They will turn your concrete tiles into a zone of beauty. https://dizzyduckdesigns.com/

Fill Your Heart Gardens

We always recommend that you work with experts, and we often recommend that you work with local garden designers, such as Jess from fill your heart gardens. Jess is an award-winning garden designer that can do anything from a concept design, in the same way that we work, to specifying plants, and helping you to grow them yourself. https://fillyourheartgardens.com/

Create a Barbeque Area

Extend your kitchen units into the garden by making them out of hard-wearing external materials such as brick, concrete or stainless steel, and turn it into an outside barbeque area.

Cover Your Dining Area with a Pergola

Having a pergola is a useful way to define the space as a dining space, provide shade and shelter, and a space to hang plants, and provide intrigue through levels. Alternatively, you could have split levels in your garden, or zone your garden.