5 Reasons Why Carshalton is a Great Place to Live

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

25/03/2022, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog



Carshalton is fast becoming a preferred destination for families seeking a better balance of work, life, and growth. The suburb has garnered acclaim for quality in housing, education, and outdoor living.

The town provides the best aspects of village life while remaining within touching distance of the City of London, making it an enticing place to settle. But what is it that makes Carshalton such a delightful place to live?

Our resident architect Shuahra Rahman dives into the details.

A Bit About Carshalton

Carshalton is a town with it all. Located within the bounds of the London Borough of Sutton, the historic settlement sits neatly between Croydon and Sutton just south of the Thames.

The area’s charm comes from its scenic village charm. Gorgeous Victorian semi-detached homes, excellent schools, and many amenities sit next to tranquil swathes of water.

Carshalton is fast becoming an attractive prospect for young families because of the quality of homes, education, and transport links. But what do residents have to say about living in the town?

Discover a few reasons why locals consider the town a wonderful place to move a family.

  1. There are plenty of leisure opportunities and amenities.

Carshalton High Street is a bastion of leisure and amenities to service family needs. There are supermarkets, outstanding eateries and pubs, coffee shops, theatres, and leisure centres for all to enjoy. There’s certainly plenty to do with the kids.

  1. Enjoy the picturesque semi-detached houses.

The semi-detached houses make up the bulk of residential buildings in Carshalton. These Victorian homes’ beautiful aesthetic and spacious function overlooks the scenic River Wandle. They look as magnificent as they are practical for families.

The homes’ expanses of protected green areas throughout Carshalton make the homes even more attractive. They contribute significantly to the magical look and feel of an idyllic family home.

Areas like St. Helier and Mill Lane are particularly sought after, with quality houses on a budget. However, there are prestigious spaces such as Carshalton Beeches or The Park should you have the luxury of a bigger budget.

  1. There are several highly-rated schools in Carshalton.

On the subject of family practicality, parents can enjoy the various highly-rated single-sex grammar schools around Carshalton. ‘Outstanding’ rated schools include Glenthorne High School and Sutton Grammar School. Other acclaimed educational facilities include Collingwood School and Green Acre School.

Children of all ages can receive excellent education throughout Carshalton.

  1. It’s a quick commute into London.

Another attractive prospect is that Carshalton is within a 30-minute train ride to London Victoria. The city is accessible by rail and road for work, leisure, or practical reasons.

  1. Carshalton is considered a safe community.

The town has been heralded as the safest place to live in the London Borough of Sutton. Crime rates are less than half of what you’d see in Central London, with the area resonating the feel of a family-friendly and safe community.

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