5 Reasons Why South Cheam is Your Next Move

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

21/04/2021, in Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

You may have heard about South Cheam because of its historic significance in the last thousand years. However, did you know that the village is fast becoming one of the most idyllic places in Greater London?

Discover more about moving to South Cheam in this short guide.

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Here’s a Little About South Cheam

South Cheam constitutes part of the overall Cheam suburb, covering Cheam Village and North Cheam. The area sits neatly on the Surrey borderline, a well-located southern satellite of the Greater London region.

The village marks the crossroads of classic English country living with quick access into contemporary urban culture. You’ll find gorgeous listed buildings packed with a history spanning a millennium and luxurious semi-detached residences that facilitate a refreshing home lifestyle.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that South Cheam is an ideal location to live, our local residential architect Shuahra Rahman has a few reasons.

Why Should You Consider a Move to South Cheam?

So, why is South Cheam becoming a preferred destination for families and couples looking to relocate?

  1. South Cheam has an incredible history.

Arguably, South Cheam is one of the fascinating Greater London suburbs given its long and thrilling history. The village dates back to 1018, with the first mention in the Domesday Book.

Royal scandals, extravagant properties, and nationally-renowned trade were the core of Cheam’s recognition. While the village is more of a quieter, more wholesome reputation today, there’s never any shortage of incredible stories behind the region.

  1. The schools around the area have top marks.

Those with children or considering starting a family can enjoy Cheam, as it is rife with schools that provide top marks. The village includes primary and secondary education institutions such as Sutton Grammar, Nonsuch High School, and St. Dunstan’s C of E Primary School.

  1. The properties in South Cheam are stunning.

The drawing factor of South Cheam is that vast array of properties to suit all desired home styles and budgets. Whatever your limitations or preferences, trust that the village has quality in every home.

Even outside the residences, the Tudor architecture and the eloquent stonework of the places of worship greatly compliment the village properties’ beauty.

  1. There’s easy access to all significant locations in the Greater London area.

South Cheam is ideally positioned for transport across all significant hubs in Greater London. It’s right off the M25 allowing quicker access to airports like Heathrow and Gatwick.

Cheam station also serves the South Coast railways lines, making commutes to London Victoria and London Bridge a breeze getting there in under 40 minutes.

  1. The vast array of amenities means there’s always something to do.

Shopping, sport, play, hospitality – it’s all in Cheam. Despite its status as a village, you’ll never fall short of desired amenities within the suburbs’ boundaries.

Residents continually enjoy the restaurants and accessibility to markets, sporting complexes, golf courses, etc.

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