5 Things Your Architect Will Do That You Might Not Have Thought Of

Laura Simpkins

by Laura Simpkins

23/02/2022, in Main Blog | New Forest & Bournemouth Blog

5 things your architect will do that you might not have thought of

1 – Design with one eye on the future

Your design should reflect where you’re headed not necessarily how you live now. Your architect will be asking what your goals are for the next 10 years and beyond.




It is a joy to watch them enjoy their house and garden so much as the years go by.

2 – Encourage debate and discussion

Our concept design workshops allow for a lot of this! We design at your table, actively asking for feedback on each drawing and allowing this to direct the next option.


If you don’t feel you can talk freely or share opinion with your architect for fear of offending then rethink your architect.


3 – They won’t push you to accept the first draft version of a design

After a design workshop we allow a month for client’s to get costings from builders but also to think over the design options we have provided.



Our follow up meeting provides a final plan, and this often has some compromise or new idea from the client. We love this – it allows the perfect marriage of design ideals and client reality.



A confident architect expects a little push back from clients as this encourages the creative process and usually results in a superior design.

4 – They will end up knowing you quite well!

The design of a home involves talking about hopes, aspirations, family size, hobbies, working patterns and can even end up on bathroom habits!


A project goes on for many months. For those months they may well become almost part of the family if it’s a true partnership!

5 – They will encourage you as you go through the building process

Always have a good bottle of wine / fizz in during a renovation project.



There are many trials and tribulations ahead, but when things go well you’ll want to celebrate the moment!

Getting planning permission, hiring a builder, knocking down the first wall, putting the first window in, making the first cuppa in a new kitchen. All of these warrant a pat on the back and glass of something celebratory!



Working with Pride Road means that there are various touch points where we meet. After the workshop stage, we meet again at your home to discuss the planning drawings. Once planning permission has been achieved we meet again for an update on what happens during the Building Regulation stage. We have another meeting where we discuss internal finishes and schedule out things like internal doors, heating and lighting plans.



Once a builder is in place we do a pre-start meeting with the client, the builder, the architect and technical associate to hand over the project on site. Finally we book in a meeting to visit the completed project, take photos and get feedback – fizz optional!


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