5 Tips for Keeping Your Loft Conversion Cool

Shuahra Rahman

by Shuahra Rahman

04/09/2021, in Design Hints and Tips | Main Blog | Sutton & Kingston Blog

The loft space, whether converted or not, gets incredibly warm in the summer and cold in the winter. If the loft is used as a bedroom or an office space, this can be particularly troublesome on very hot days (well, when the temperatures are above 23 degrees!) Here are 5 tips for keeping your converted loft cool.

1. Ventilation

It may sound obvious, but opening your windows during the summer months is essential for ensuring good air flow through the room. Openable rooflights on the sloped roof would allow cross-ventilation. Alternatively, investing in a ceiling fan (if the height allows) or even a desktop fan will help keep the air moving throughout the room, regulating the room temperature.

Converting a loft space will affect the natural flow of ventilation, so vent tiles must be installed within the roof to protect insulation against condensation.

An air-con unit is another effective way of cooling down the space – though it’s not the cheapest nor the most eco-friendly option.

2. Lighter colours

Lighter colours reflect the sun’s heat rays whereas darker colours absorb them, and this is also true for roof colours. So, using lighter coloured tiles on your roof, like terracotta, will deflect more heat away and keep the interior of your loft space cooler.

3. Insulation

An important element for keeping your loft cool is insulation. Insulation keeps heat in during the winter and works in the same way to keep the heat out during the summer. A high-performance insulation board is recommended and will also help save on fuel costs during winter.

4. Windows

The most efficient way of ventilating the loft is to add many windows to improve circulation of air. Roof windows are specifically designed to improve air flow with vent flaps to allow fresh air while the window is shut. Ensure these are closed while you’re out during the daytime for maximum efficacy.

5. Shutters/blinds

Another tip is to let as little direct sunlight in as possible on those extremely warm days. Whether it be via the use of shutters, blinds, curtains or external awning, diverting rays away from living spaces would help keep your loft cool.

For larger dormer windows, internal shutters are great. Shutters will block most of the sun but still allow enough light in. A large range of VELUX blinds in a variety of styles are available. Rooflight and dormer windows can be fitted with retractable blinds. Keeping these closed when the space is not being used during the day will help keep it cool for when it is.

The Details Matter

Cooling down your loft is probably not something that you would think about straight away, and that’s where we come in- to cover you on those small details that really transform a house into a dream home. The creative and experienced RIBA chartered architects at Pride Road are here to help you to make the most of your space. Book a free 1 hour consultation today!