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5 Top Tips for Designing a House Extension!

17/04/2019, by Liverpool South, in Main Blog

Designing a house extension that will enhance your home and the way you live involves much more than just plonking a box on the back of your house with some rooflights in it! Here are 5 top tips from Pride Road Liverpool for getting the most out of your new space.

1…Consider how the extension affects the function of the other rooms in the house.

How will your new space affect the way you use the rest of your house? For example if you’re designing an open plan kitchen-living area and you already have 2 living rooms, how will you use those spaces moving forward? Home owners I speak to often find that if there is a room with no function, then it becomes the ‘dumping’ room! To avoid this, think about how to use your existing space efficiently. There may be a way to incorporate the space you already have into your planned extension, and transform it into the space you want.

2… Think about how an extension might draw attention to other parts of you house.

You may find that when you build the shiny new extension, it shows up the other spaces in your house! Or if you put in the set of bi-folding doors to your garden, you realise your garden isn’t much to look at!
Try to set some of your budget aside for these longer term goals of doing up the rest of your house or for landscaping your garden as these are equally as important as the new space you’re creating.

3… Complete other essential maintenance or redecoration whilst your extension is in construction.

Having an extension built is disruptive and messy, so it’s the perfect time to do all the other messy and disruptive jobs you’ve been meaning to do for a while! Get the roof retiled, redecorate the living room, landscape the garden, change the flooring throughout. Yes, it will be chaotic, but it’s only temporary, and when everything has been completed the final result will have so much more impact and feel all the more satisfying!

4… Organise and prioritise your spaces around natural light.

The brighter the space you have the more time you’ll want to spend there, so consider this when extending your home. If you can avoid it, don’t put your utility or downstairs loo in a prime space in the newly extended part of the house. When you extend your home, the middle of your house will naturally become darker as it receives less natural light, so be smart and use the middle of the house to put your downstairs loo, utility and any other spaces that don’t need natural light. That way you’ll feel the benefit of all the beautiful daylight in the spaces you spend most of your time, like the kitchen, dining room or family space.

5… If in doubt, ask!

If you’re unsure of how to design your home in the most efficient way to really get what you want from the space, then it’s definitely worth asking an architect for help. Designing your home is an important task and not something you want to get wrong. Let’s face it, you only want to do it once! So it’s worth spending time with an expert to get the design right at the very start.

If you’re thinking of extending your home and would like some advice from a friendly Liverpool Architect then book a free consultation or a Concept Design Workshop here.

written by Catherine Traynor