6 Ways to Maximise Space

Lisa Raynes

by Lisa Raynes

13/09/2020, in Main Blog

Go Open Plan

Quite rightly, everyone has the vision of the kitchen at the back of the house with the living and dining space together. This improves the appearance of the space, gets more light into the space, and brings your family together. However, you do need to make sure you have another reception to go and hide away in, so you shouldn’t make the whole space open plan.

Have a Peninsula Kitchen

We often find that extended, semi-detached houses lack the space for a kitchen island, but having a peninsula is a great way of making it look like you’ve got an island unit in a large, open plan kitchen and dining space, but when you haven’t quite got enough space. There are more kitchen types you can work with as well

Use Every Nook and Cranny Well

Having a full run of kitchen or utility units along one side of a wall is much better than having an L-shape, or a unit at the end of a thin room. Door positions are really important to maximise storage space, and as experts we can find simple solutions to maximise space; moving a door just a few centimetres to one side can absolutely revolutionise the way you live in a house.

Vault Your Ceiling

Instead of having a flat ceiling, if you are building a new extension, vault the ceiling so it is inline with the roof pitch. This maximises height, and you can even do it if you are extending upstairs, or changing your upstairs layout, especially if you’re not using your attic. Vaulting your ceiling in your bedroom gives a feeling of spaciousness.

Don't Use Sliding Doors

It is quite common to have a sliding door between a living room and a dining room, but these actually take up space on both sides of the room, as you can’t put furniture in front of the door. Counterintuitively, you should block up sliding doors so you can use both rooms properly.

Use An Architect

Get an architect to have a good look at planning your house. Often, removing a small out-building can make a space look bigger. Some things are counter-intuitive, and it takes an expert to judge what can and can’t be achieved. Our free consultations and design workshops will save you a lot of time and money