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Taking pride in your project

Our highly experienced team of architects brings a wealth of knowledge, expertise and essential passion to the Pride Rd family – so you’ll always have someone on hand to give you the best advice possible.

When you book an appointment with us, our architect will come to your house for an initial consultation. During this chat we carefully listen to your needs and ideas. We discuss your budget and make sure that you are aware of all required permissions, current regulations and a time frame involved.

After the initial consultation you are welcome to book a Concept Design Workshop with us. This time Pride Road architect will spend several hours at your property, measure it and, working closely with you, will produce several hand-drawn plans of your dream home. You can trust us to help you put your vision on paper, discuss different possibilities and aid you to make the very best decisions.

Lisa Raynes

Lisa Raynes


Founder of Pride Rd and RIBA chartered architect.

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Pride Rd Magda Haener

Magdalena Haener


Internationally experienced, ARB architect for Pride Road Manchester South.

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Pride Road Alan Varley

Alan Varley


Alan is our technical associate with a keen eye for detail.

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Pride Road Laura

Laura Simpkins


RIBA chartered Architect for Pride Road New Forest and Bournemouth

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Sandy Hickey

Sandy Hickey

RIBA Chartered Architect

RIBA chartered Architect for Pride Road South Warwickshire

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Shuahra Rahman Pride Rd Sutton and Kingston

Shuahra Rahman

RIBA Chartered Architect

RIBA chartered Architect for Pride Road Sutton & Kingston

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