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Magdalena Haener


Pride Road Manchester

An ARB Architect specialising in residential architecture, Magdalena Haener is a highly commended professional with a wealth of great projects behind her and has been singled out for her highly detailed work in the Manchester area. Most notably, this includes her design work for recent dwelling projects in Scenne and a conversion on Liverpool Rd.

Between 2005 and 2009, Magdelena worked with Group Arch in Moscow and Poland, with the main focus of the practice being more on retail. However, this was a fantastic place for her to gain a great deal of experience across different projects that have helped inform her approach towards residential in the years that have followed.

Magdalena’s residential work began back in 2004 where she worked at Neodesign until 2005, working very closely with clients to ensure their needs and desires were always at the forefront of the creative process. These small-scale projects allowed her to be involved at every stage of development too – which is something she now also brings to her role at Pride Rd Manchester South.

Magdalena studied at Wroclaw University of Technology and completed her Architecture Diploma in 2005 and became a registered Architect in Poland in 2010 and in England in 2012. She speaks: Polish , Russian and German (not too fluent) and is a practising Buddhist and is a proud mum of two.

Magdalena heads up our Pride Road Manchester Architects dept.

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Magda Haener

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