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Shuahra Rahman

RIBA Chartered Architect

Pride Rd Sutton and Kingston

Shuahra is a RIBA Chartered Architect, with several years of substantive
experience under her belt.

She has worked on a rich variety of projects, from strategic housing and regeneration projects for developers, to bespoke residential extensions for home-owners. Shuahra has always been drawn to take on challenges that require elegant and practical solutions and she brings this to each of her projects. Her approach is focused on community and collaboration, with an appreciation that successful projects involve working with and for people.

Her expertise lies in the residential sector, having managed projects from inception to completion. Coupled with her experience in small practice environments often running multiple projects simultaneously, this experience has taught her to be detail oriented, organised and proactive. It was a source of delight and pride to design extensions and new builds for home-owner clients, and certainly heightened her sensitivity to the nature of such projects. She enjoyed working closely with them to ensure their needs were met and at the forefront of the creative process, whilst emulating their individual identities. It was here that she found fulfilment in work, as it enabled her to actively solve problems which were affecting peoples’ day-to-day lives.

With the mood music changing, striking a chord with work and life has been the driver to pursuing this venture for Shuahra. She moved to Sutton in 2016 and is proud to live in ‘the best place in London for families to move to’. With a location at the edge of the North Downs, this means there are plenty of outdoor activities to do, and the area is home to some of the best schools in the country. Shuahra is excited to be heading up Pride Road Sutton and Kingston, concentrating on areas including Wallington, Carshalton, Cheam, Banstead, and Epsom.

Pride Road would enable her to establish a meaningful career and also be able to balance her family life. It would also be an opportunity to have flexibility in her schedule, and enjoy the support network that the franchise offers. She has several years of experience working with home-owners, so understands the importance and value of human approach which Pride Road upholds. Working with people in her local area would allow her to help develop homes that truly contribute to the well-being and lives of those in her local community.

Shuahra completed her Architecture studies at University of Westminster and qualified as an Architect in 2017. She uses her professional experience as a RIBA Chartered Member, to mentor part I architecture students, in particular, encouraging those from BAME backgrounds and women.

In her spare time, Shuahra volunteers at a mental health charity and is a fully trained mental health first aider. This interest extends to architecture and she believes that thoughtful design can provide a significant improvement to people’s mental health and wellbeing. Hobbies include yoga, reading, hiking, and sketching. She also dabbles in a bit of organic gardening. She is fluent in Bengali.


Shuahra Rahman Visits Grand Designs Live For ‘Ask An Expert’

Shuahra Rahman

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Shuahra Rahman Pride Rd Sutton and Kingston

Shuahra Rahman

RIBA Chartered Architect

RIBA chartered Architect for Pride Road Sutton & Kingston

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