All I want is a Utility Room!

Laura Simpkins

by Laura Simpkins

21/07/2020, in Main Blog

After the kitchen island, this is the main thing I hear from clients that would make their life, or at least their home, complete is a Utility Room.

Somewhere to hide the mess of children, pets, clothes and all the added bits and pieces of life that don’t fit into a kitchen such as storing vases, cleaning products and ‘stuff’!

So it follows that when thinking about designing a new utility room, you need to bear in mind that it needs to work harder than any other room in your house.

Utility rooms tend to work better when situated in long, thin spaces. This way you can maximise storage and minimise circulation.

The 4 types of Utility Room

1. Utility Cupboard
Suitable for small flats, this will have a double sliding door and house a washing machine, tumble drier, small integrated sink, low level storage and wall unit above the sink. The double sliding door offers the advantage of space saving – a real squeeze point in flats and apartments.

2. Single – Galley
This is an efficient long run of units, if possible it is good to get the washing machine against an external wide wall. This option works if you have 1.5m width to play with.

3. Double – Galley
This is the most efficient type of utility room and needs at least 2.1m width. It has a higher proportion of storage to circulation with a run of units either side of a passage.

4. L-shaped
This is the least efficient option, most commonly found in a square shaped room. The advantage however is that there is extra floor space which could be useful for keeping an ironing board up.

What’s new in Utility Room design?

Storage chute – send your dirty clothes down a pipe straight into the room, this way your children may actually participate!
Pull down ironing board – space saving design attached to a cupboard door
Integrated water softener and storage for salts – many clients are spending money on this when doing a renovation project as they get a longer life out of their appliances


The Architects at Pride Road spend a lot of time extolling the values of a well designed utility room. A space which is efficient and pleasant to use has the knock on effect that your wonderful new open plan kitchen / living / design space will be less cluttered and retain its wow factor!