Architect Catherine talks at National Women's Club

Architect Catherine talks at Haymans Green Women’s Club

24/03/2018, by Catherine Traynor, in Liverpool Blog | Main Blog | Talks & Events, 0 comments

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Pride Road Architect Catherine was invited to give a talk at Haymans Green Women’s Club in Liverpool this month titled ‘A Woman in Architecture’. Catherine was invited by Haymans Green Womens club after appearing on local radio last year and was delighted to accept the invitation to the well established club in West Derby.

Haymans Green Womens club was set up by Barbara Kerr in 1968 and this month they celebrated their 50th anniversary. Happy Anniversary Haymans Green Women’s Club! The club offer women in West Derby a place to meet every week and socialise with other members of the community in a friendly and welcoming environment and currently the club has over 70 members.

Over the past 50 years the club has steadily grown with the support of it’s members. The club is connected to a network of women’s clubs that exist throughout Liverpool called the National Association of Women’s Clubs (NAWC) offering women a place to meet and mix with other like minded people on a weekly basis. This month the club has celebrated their anniversary with a trip to London to see a west end musical amongst other social events, including Catherine’s talk in West Derby at one of their weekly evening socials.

During the talk Catherine explained her journey through her architectural career and the challenges faced, in particular by women, in a predominantly male dominated industry like architecture. At university, statistics show that there is a 50/50 split between male and female architecture students, however when students eventually get out into the working world, the split between male and females is 78% male and 22% female.

It’s a slightly shocking and sad statistic to see the disparity between male and females in the industry, especially in senior roles in which case the statistics are even worse! This recent Dezeen article highlighted the lack of gender diversity in senior positions at the world top 100 architects practices. This was Catherine’s experience too, having worked at a medium sized practice before she joined Pride Road, once qualified she was the only female architect in the firm.

This was also Lisa Raynes experience of being a woman in architectural practice too, and is one of the reasons she was inspired to set up her own business as a franchise to benefit other female architects in the same situation. Pride Road is now a successful flourishing architectural practice in the UK focusing exclusively in the domestic residential sector, thanks in no small part to the female architect at the helm!

The Hayman’s Green Women’s Club talk by Catherine certainly struck a chord with some of it’s female members too and there was some good discussions to be had after the talk was over over a few cups of tea and many biscuits!

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