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Pride Road Architects and Cracking Good Food – connecting through the kitchen

by Magdalena Haener

10/04/2018, in Manchester Blog

Connecting through the kitchen

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One of our Manchester architects Magda heard about the Cracking Good Food organisation through her friend (and now client) Sharon. Launched in 2010, Cracking Good Food is a not for profit organisation that promotes home cooked food through cooking classes and community events based on enhancing people’s cooking skills. “The food they teach to make is amazing! Tried it myself – strongly recommended!”

Now, the kitchen is a common ground for our architects and the cooks!  Especially for Magda as part of her specialist design skills and experience focus on the heart of the house – the kitchen.

Full house

Now, we all know parties end up in the kitchen – it’s where friends can meet to eat and drink and talk endlessly about their lives and loves. Everyone deserves to have a well-designed kitchen  as the hub of the family home – maybe space for your kitchen table or the island where you can cook together. When your friends are around, cooking shouldn’t become a lonely experience – open up! You can read our top kitchen design tips here.

Kitchen islands are the most social ways of cooking at the moment. You can talk to each other and bond better while cooking and chatting. The kids can eat breakfast while you pack them their lunch.

If this has got you thinking, you can book a workshop with Magda and see what can be done and how much it will cost. Don’t waste time get your ideas drawn up – you can get a new kitchen design or the whole house layout reconfigured, so your kitchen becomes larger and more open.

Learn how to cook amazing food

If you want to impress your friends and family with a brilliant dinner or meet new friends, I strongly recommend booking a cooking class with Cracking Good Food.

They not only run cookery classes. There are far more things they do… Click here to see their community outreach summary  – it is really amazing!


cracking good food – ladies in action