Are You Ready to Move to Kenilworth?

Sandy Hickey

by Sandy Hickey

05/05/2022, in Main Blog | South Warwickshire Blog

You may have had enough of that urban lifestyle and be ready to favour a move to somewhere a bit quieter and wholesome for your family. Let our residential architect near Kenilworth, Sandy Hickey, show you why the town might tickle your fancy!

Why are Families Settling in Kenilworth?

Today, many families seek quieter lives away from the hustle and bustle of cities and larger towns. This sleepy Warwickshire town is ticking all the boxes for those looking for a life full of country views, restful livelihoods, and a village community atmosphere.

Kenilworth has existed since early mediaeval history, being an integral part of English wars between the Norman Conquest of England and the Tudor Ages. Today, you won’t find many battles in the town – but there are certainly a few other reasons to convince you of a move.

What’s Convincing People to Move to Kenilworth?

What are the factors that spark interest in Kenilworth? Let’s list them below.

There is a range of fantastic properties available

There’s a vast array of affordable homes that boast the charm of middle England. Families looking to move to Kenilworth mainly focus on the two to three-bedroom semi-detached houses that don the country lanes. They provide a spacious, welcoming, and flexible place to settle.

The village atmosphere is authentic here, making neighbourhoods quiet, and surrounded by plenty of greenery. These homes make perfect retreats and serve as little sanctuaries to whisk you away from the world’s cares and enjoy your family life.

Kenilworth Schools are simply outstanding

Kenilworth is home to a variety of excellent schools. The primary schools in the area have a general certification of good. Priors Field Primary School has an outstanding rating.

The local secondary school, Kenilworth School, also has an outstanding certification. Take solace that your children will receive a good education and a thriving home life with a move to Kenilworth.

Kenilworth offers a great cultural scene

The history and scenery of Kenilworth make the area a little bit of a cultural hub despite the town’s reputation as quiet. The Kenilworth Castle serves as the epicentre of the town’s past, being a significant royal bastion since the 10th century and remaining that way until the 19th century, when it started to become a tourist attraction.

You’ll find that Kenilworth plays host to various cultural events, including the Kenilworth Arts Festival and performances at The Talisman Theatre.

Good local amenities to make life easy

The picturesque nature of Kenilworth provides a beautiful backdrop for the pubs and restaurants around the area, one even receiving a Michelin star in 2015! And of course, you’ll find all your desired shops and amenities located on the recently modernised high streets and squares.

Not the usual transport links

Kenilworth is quiet because it’s not as connected as other commuter towns, as there are no trains that stop here. However, many see that as an advantage.

You’ll be able to enjoy the serenity of a country town. Still, its location means that you’ll be able to get to the motorways in a few minutes to connect you to Birmingham and beyond.

Does moving to Kenilworth take your fancy?


If you’re looking for a beautiful new home, please contact local architect Sandy Hickey. She’ll provide everything you need to know about Kenilworth and house extensions to set up your dream home.

If you’ve decided that Kenilworth is the right move, please contact local architect Sandy Hickey. Her knowledge of the area and insight into local homes can help you get your new life on the right foot.

Sandy can offer a free consultation to help you discover your goals and ambitions for your house.