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We were in the Telegraph Magazine Again!

29/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

On top of our personal appearance in the Telegraph, we appeared there again in a professional capacity, agreeing with the fact that there’s been a rise in demand for architectural services over lockdown.

Our Personal Appearance in the Telegraph Magazine!

28/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

I’m Alex, Lisa’s transgender son. My Mum and I were in the press talking about “The hidden heartbreak of parenting a transitioning teen.” In the article, I express my opposition to the High Court ruling that blocks access to ‘puberty blockers’ for transgender children under 16, unless specifically authorised by the court.

Can I Extend My Extension?

24/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

Lisa conducts an online workshop in which she explains, using Lego, her client’s options for extending her extension. The client, Elizabeth, found the workshop “very informative and eye opening for all the different options that we could consider.”

House Extension Or Loft Conversion?

21/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

With so many factors to consider, making this decision can be agonising, but here’s our analysis of four key factors. Remember, we are always happy to help you decide through our free consultations.

How Much Does A House Extension Cost?

20/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

At Pride Road, are as transparent about costs and fees as possible, as from the get go, we talk about your budget and expected costs. Here are our fees and our ballpark figures for the costs of projects.

Is An Extension Worth It?

20/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

Lisa, architect and founder of Pride Road, talks through three cases where she decided not to extend, and three successful extensions that she’s proud of designing.

Initial Stages Of A House Extension

18/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

With so much to consider, navigating a house extension without an architect can be very difficult. Here’s an outline of the initial stages of our unique, hassle free process, with plenty of links to more info.

How to deal with neighbours

18/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

When thinking about any project, you need to consider how it will impact your neighbours. Here’s how your neighbours can interrupt your project, and what you can do about it.

6 Top Tips For Remodeling Your Kitchen

15/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

Here are our secret tricks to maximise the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen.

Working From Home? Make Your Home Work For You!

10/03/2021, by Lisa Raynes

Architects Laura and Magda discuss how they help their clients to create offices that are perfect for them.

Planning Applications in the New Forest

29/09/2020, by Lisa Raynes

It’s very tricky to know what you can and can’t do when it comes to planning an extension in the New Forest. Here’s Laura’s tips for navigating this difficult process.

6 Ways to Maximise Space

13/09/2020, by Lisa Raynes

Lisa, architect and founder of Pride Road, reveals her secret top tips to maximise space.

5 Outdoor Dining Ideas

13/09/2020, by Lisa Raynes

Here’s our top tips to make your outdoor dining space beautiful.

Why you shouldn’t have a sink under a window: A snapshot of the discussions from a concept design workshop

12/09/2020, by Lisa Raynes

During a concept design workshop, Lisa explains, using her house as an example, why you shouldn’t put a sink under a window.

How to raise your roof: 4 ways to produce usable attic space

11/09/2020, by Lisa Raynes

During a free initial consultation with a client, Lisa reveals four ways to produce usable attic space.

6 different types of kitchen

04/08/2020, by Lisa Raynes

Check out these 6 common kitchen types and how best to organise your life around them.

All I want is a Utility Room!

21/07/2020, by Laura Simpkins

After the kitchen island, this is the main thing I hear from clients that would make their life, or at…

Praise for Pride Road’s Online Concept Design Workshops

07/05/2020, by Lisa Raynes

As the country adapts to life under lockdown, Pride Road Architects have reshaped their celebrated Concept Design Workshops and now offer them online. This new way of working has proved to be very popular with clients and even caught the attention of the Architects’ Journal.

20 Top Tips for using your home efficiently during Lockdown

07/04/2020, by Laura Simpkins

Adapting to life under lockdown has been a learning curve for everyone. Here’s Laura’s tips for maximising your space for both work and play.

To renovate or to move home – what you should know

25/03/2020, by Lisa Raynes

So, your family has grown and your kitchen is outdated, and the home you once loved just isn’t quite working…

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