Explore your dream home ideas with an expert

You can book an architect concept design workshop with Pride Rd quickly and easily, and we’ll come to you and produce a range of drawings and design options for you to choose from right in your own home.

From just £450, we can offer a half day workshop for a concept design if the project is a modest extension or family home reconfiguration. Alternatively, for £600 we will provide a full day workshop that would be better suited to something more like a 2-3 storey extension or loft conversion.


A Stepping Stone towards your Home Renovation

Where the scale of the remodel is greater, for example with a larger detached property, we’d recommend a two-day session where we have a full day to survey the property in detail and another day purely for the workshop and design work to take place.

Once you’re booked in for your workshop, we’ll come to your house and undertake a basic survey, producing the hand drawn designs there and then. This allows us to come up with a few different options and discuss different layouts and alternatives, so we can agree on a scheme to take forward.