1920s Dormer Bungalow Extension

Creating a Spacious Family Bungalow with a Year-Round ‘Holiday Feeling’

Taking an existing property and giving it a whole new lease of life is what we do best. And this is exactly what we were able to achieve with this previously, dated and compact family bungalow.

Opening up space with a bungalow extension

Through a close period of collaboration with its owners, giving us the time to properly understand their needs, we took this 1920s property from feeling dark and cluttered to creating something that was stylish, accessible and functional for their future.

The rear of the property was opened right up with a spacious, mixed-use area. That brought together an open plan family room, dining area and kitchen, while bi-fold and French doors created a balance of space and warmth. This naturally lit, welcoming area now has levelled access to the beautiful slate garden paving at the rear It provided a seamless link between the interior and exterior.

Adding new rooms

Pride Rd also built upon prior changes that had been made to the lower and upper floors of the dormer bungalow. On the ground floor, the footprint was extended to include an en-suite wet room. Toilet and utility room complete with widened doorways and under-floor heating. Utility rooms can be an easy and fantastic addition.

For the previously gloomy upper floor rooms, greater illumination was provided with large windows and intelligently used roof lights, with a central lift that provides access to the landing area, two extended bedrooms and a large bathroom. A walk-in dressing room was also built into the en-suite master bedroom. It opens out onto the centre-piece of the whole extension. A stunning, generously-sized balcony is perfect for a relaxing on warm summer evenings or bright spring mornings.

It is this sense of relaxation and serenity that we were hoping to capture for the new look home. According to its owner Sylvia, it was a huge success: “The refurbishment has really lifted our spirits and we are extremely happy to be moved in”.

“We were able to have open and frank discussions throughout the design process and the results are fabulous. The downstairs rooms now feel much more spacious. It’s almost like being on holiday all the time!”

"The results are fabulous"

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