1920s Terraced Property Loft Conversion in Carshalton, Sutton

The Property Overview

Ash, a business owner in finance moved into a 1920s terraced house in Carshalton, Sutton, with his family five years ago. The family of four enjoys the delightful location, proximity to excellent schools, accessibility, and a vibrant neighbourhood.

Their decision to pursue a loft conversion is driven by the need for additional bedrooms, as their two young children are growing, prompting dedicated spaces for each child.

carshalton project workshop options

The Brief and the Challenges

The existing house comprises three bedrooms on the first floor, with the third on the being notably small. The aim is to expand into the loft, creating two additional equally sized bedrooms for the children, along with a shared bathroom.

The workshop’s objective was to evaluate whether a loft conversion with or without a dormer extension offered the best solution. Assessing each option’s viability in terms of cost and value was crucial in guiding the decision to proceed with development.

The Half Day Workshop

A thorough half-day workshop with Ash focused on generating three creative solutions for the identified challenges, envisioning a space that would cater to the needs of the family now and in the future.

carshalton project picture of rear


Options 1 and 2 proposed a loft conversion with a dormer extension to the rear. We explored two different layouts for the two bedrooms and a shared bathroom, ensuring future adaptability for the children’s growth.

Option 3 considered a layout without a dormer extension, offering less space and smaller rooms but remaining a feasible choice.

Ultimately, Ash favoured Option 2 for its overall appeal, incorporating a dormer extension that promised an efficient layout for the family’s future needs.

carshalton project client ash holding up chosen layout

If you’re considering a loft conversion like Ash and his family then contact Architect Shuahra Rahman of Pride Road Sutton & Kingston to get started.


"Amazing service. Shuahra was brilliant. The workshop was very helpful. Highly recommended. What I liked most about it was that it was interactive. We sat down and drew everything together. Good to see the various options which will help me in my decision making in which way I want to go.."

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ash and his family on their loft conversion project. The workshop proved instrumental in helping Ash visualize the space and assess the development's viability before taking the next steps. It's always rewarding to contribute to creating a home that aligns with a family's vision and needs."
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