1950s bungalow in the Midlands

Sandy Hickey from Pride Road Architects South Warwickshire recently worked on a 1950s bungalow that was converted into a chalet bungalow in the seventies. The bungalow was recently purchased in a sad state, leading to the question of whether the new owners would simply decorate it or make more significant changes.

The main focus of the residential architect’s project revolved around addressing the crucial issue of mobility and accessibility, particularly for the husband, who faced partial sightedness and mobility challenges. See how Sophie addressed her Mum’s mobility issues.

With careful consideration, the existing location of the staircase was thoroughly analyzed to determine the feasibility of relocating it to a more accessible area. Furthermore, the layout of the ground floor underwent a meticulous examination, leading to the creation of separate compartments for the kitchen, dining area, and dedicated offices for both the husband and wife.

Increasing the current accessibility of the bungalow

Initially, the homeowners contemplated extending their beloved bungalow, seeking additional space to accommodate their evolving requirements. However, after thoughtful deliberation, they eventually reached the conclusion that the existing space was sufficient for their needs. Take a look at how one extension worked great for this bungalow.

Instead of embarking on a full-scale extension, their focus shifted towards enhancing the functionality and accessibility of the current layout. One pivotal decision involved blocking up a door and window, which facilitated the transformation of a wall into a magnificent opening, connecting the interior to a splendid garden-facing larger kitchen dining living room.

A revitalised residential space

The ultimate outcome of this residential architect’s project was a revitalized bungalow that received a fresh coat of paint and exquisite decorating touches, all achieved without the need for extensive structural modifications. By collaborating closely with Sandy Hickey and the Pride Rd team, the homeowners were empowered to make informed decisions regarding the necessary changes, resulting in a cost-effective renovation that significantly improved the bungalow’s accessibility and functionality, effectively addressing the mobility needs of the husband. This transformative process brought about a harmonious living space tailored to their specific requirements, seamlessly blending practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Sandy Hickey and the team at Pride Road Architects listened to our needs and helped us make informed decisions about the renovations. Their expertise and attention to detail resulted in a minimal cost renovation that transformed our bungalow into a functional and accessible space, tailored to our specific needs.

Pride Road Architects turned our bungalow dreams into a reality.

Designing spaces that enhance lives, one renovation at a time

It was a pleasure working with the owners of the bungalow on this project. By understanding their requirements and focusing on functionality and accessibility, we were able to achieve a successful renovation without the need for costly extensions. This project is a testament to the impact thoughtful design can have on a space.
Pride Road

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