2 storey 1970s terrace extension in Whitefield

Jane from Greater Manchester increasingly faced the issue of an unsociable home, lacking space for her growing children, pets, and frequently visiting family. She sought Pride Road’s expertise to revamp the property’s layout, expand living areas and update existing spaces.

What was the brief for the living space project?

Jane had the core vision of bringing more space into her 1970s, 3-bedroom terraced home. Having two teenage children and two cats in her family, living space was tight on the property, nevermind hosting extended family in the dining room at Christmas time.

Before, Jane’s house had a lounge that goes through to a tiny kitchen and dining space with a little square table. The kitchen was cut off from the rest of the house, one of the bedrooms was a tiny box room, and Jane lacked a space to work from home.

She wanted an extension to add a lounge area onto the property and revamp the kitchen and bedrooms to expand the living space further. The project’s ultimate aim was to deliver spaces that created a more ‘sociable’ home environment, feeling as welcoming as it was interconnected.

Pride Road presented a Concept Design Workshop with many options on how to accomplish Jane’s vision, where the plan was settled at the beginning of the year. The architects and engineers swiftly began work to create the more interconnected home she desired.

How would the renovation tasks get accomplished?

The core plan consisted of building an extension, tearing down the wall between the lounge and the kitchen, and renovating the kitchen entirely. The seven-month job would address the concerns of small rooms, making the best use of living space, adding a study for work, and reworking bedrooms.

The kitchen would be a U-Shaped area with an island table, replacing the flooring with water-resistant laminate planks. Bedroom areas of the home would have their assets switched to widen available space. The boiler and radiator would be replaced by more economical pieces.

Finally, a vaulted ceiling would be added to the extensions and an ensuite added to the bedroom. So how did the work go?

What were the challenges facing the renovation project?

Naturally, there were some challenges in the project, mainly working with the available space; the original property layout left little room to manoeuvre, especially in the dining room and other social areas.

Getting the maximum amount of space from the foyer proved to be the most significant obstacle. However, the architects’ and builders’ professionalism and creativity meant the agreed upon plans could be delivered.

What was the outcome of the renovation project?

The results met the plan’s specifications in a relatively swift timeframe of seven months. Some spaces were easier to address, while others, such as the new lounge in the extension, proved challenging.

However, both parties were ultimately thrilled with the outcome, meeting Jane’s vision for a more welcoming living space. Jane now has a dedicated space to work in her study, the kids have new bedrooms, and the magnificent looking kitchen and lounge makes better use of space.

Jane’s home had transformed to achieve that sociability she wanted.

Did the architects plans meet Jane’s expectations?

Jane was delighted with the project’s outcome, commenting, “It’s lovely to have space and not trip over everything!”. Our Pride Road architects were equally pleased, praising all professionals involved in overcoming the space challenges.

When asked what her favourite part of the home was now, she highlighted the vaulted ceiling and ensuite as assets she’s particularly ecstatic about. It was mission accomplished for Jane’s vision, and likely to significantly increase the value of her home.

I love it, all of it! It’s really really difficult to pick just one thing! The vaulted ceiling I love… Even though we’re not finished yet, it’s nice to live in; it’s nice to have space and not tripping over everything.

I love it, all of it!

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