Bungalow Extension and Loft Conversion, Manchester

Sonya approached Pride Road with concerns about their 1960s house, expressing the desire for a brighter and more spacious living environment. The house had an abundance of rooms, but they were often dimly lit and lacked sufficient windows. Their goal was to knock down walls to create a large, well-lit living space, and they sought Pride Road’s expertise to bring their vision to life.

How to make a house more habitable

During their concept design workshop with Magda, they focused on the steps needed to make the house habitable. Magda sketched out various options, engaging in a discussion that considered the advantages and disadvantages of each approach while attentively listening to Sonya’s ideas. This collaborative process sparked the potential for something truly enchanting, aligning with their aspiration of creating a magical living space.

When it came to planning, Sonya and her family prioritized the incorporation of ample natural light and the ability to enjoy views of their beautiful garden. They aimed to establish a harmonious blend of a kitchen, dining room, and lounge, forming a welcoming family space. Magda successfully accomplished this by designing a practical, bright, and open-plan living area.

Sonya particularly cherishes the expansive lounge, appreciating the freedom to display a towering Christmas tree during the holiday season.

Connecting indoors and outdoors

The transformation of their house allowed for the fulfillment of Sonya’s desire for a brighter and more open living space, facilitating a greater connection between the indoors and outdoors. The new layout not only brings a sense of spaciousness and natural light but also offers the perfect setting for meaningful family gatherings.

I am really pleased with how it all went. How could you not be? We've got a wonderful view and a wonderful living space. We are dead pleased with the way we worked with Pride Road. My favourite new thing is my lounge, because I get the biggest Christmas tree in here ever, which is what Magda and I discussed when we first bought the house.

We've got a wonderful view and a wonderful living space.

It was great creating a space that the whole family loves!

It was very satisfying turning Sonya's small and dark living room into a bright, open space with wonderful views of her garden. It was great creating a space that the whole family loves!
Pride Road

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