Bury Side Extension: Balancing Budget and Benefits

Magda’s clients currently live in a 3 bedroom semi-detached house in Bury, and are looking to get a side extension to increase the size of their kitchen to create a kitchen diner family space.  They also want to modernise their kitchen, and use the side drive of their property.


They went through the options with Magda, ranging from the all encompassing, money is no object dream home, to the more realistic options that produce what they want affordably. Magda showed them how their space could be optimised with creative options that they hadn’t considered, like knocking through to the living room so only a small extension would be required.


The Concept Design Workshop gave them a range of options that decreased in kitchen size to be more in keeping with their budget, while still providing what they want out of a kitchen.

It was good to work with Magda, not just in terms of the kitchen itself, but in terms of the layout and the flow of the downstairs of the house. Each of the options ticked our initial requirements, but each one had additional bonuses that we hadn’t even thought of… So I think we certainly got a lot from it today… It was a great session!

So I think we certainly got a lot from it today… It was a great session!

We scaled down all the options to expose how we could cut down the costs without compromising the main point of the refurb: the larger kitchen.
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