Liverpool Duplex flat reconfiguration – Victorian Terrace House

Duplex flat reconfiguration – why the layout did not work well

Sometimes you buy a duplex Victorian flat, but the layout does not work as it should. This was the case of a duplex flat reconfiguration project in an old Victorian Town House. The Flat had a very high ceilings with a large living room , a long and narrow kitchen, a bedroom on a First Floor and two bathrooms. It was nice and spacious but the kitchen seemed to be  an isolated room with an empty wall on one side. Too narrow to fit a dining table in it. Upstairs bedroom didn’t have any wardrobe space although the en-suite was a luxury.

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An Architect comes in handy

Olga and Rida new that the flat had an undeveloped potential and had contacted me to help them to come up with potential solutions.  I was actually recommend to Olga by Erin her friend that also had used my concept design workshop to see how to reconfigure her 3 storey house.

But coming back  to Olga and Rida I came to measure their flat ( it took me 1.5 h to measure and draw the existing plans in 1:50 scale). Afterwards we sit together at the table and drew the new layouts.

In the end of the workshop we found additional space for the coats in the corridor and got several configuration of the living/ dining/ kitchen space. Upstairs we explored the possibilities of opening the eves and turning them into a smart storage solutions. We looked at different ways of finding more room in the bedroom including demolishing the second wet room and just keeping one bathroom downstairs. Talking about the costs and what is worth to do (or not to do) in order to not to over invest was very helpful.

It was interesting to see how many options I can get form such a small flat.

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Estimated Cost £15

It was very interesting how many options one can get form such a small flat.

It is a challenge to create more space within such a small flat. All the living spaces have its own secret corners. The secret is to maneuver the way that you can open them where you need it and make them useful and full of storage potential.
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