Hale Edwardian Terrace Kitchen Extension

Sophie’s house – a 1904 early Edwardian end terrace in Hale near Manchester – didn’t quite function to her family’s needs.

Their kitchen was much too small, creating an uncomfortable seating arrangement at meals, the washing machine disrupted things such as watching television as it was too loud and there was no downstairs loo, so with Sophie’s mum’s mobility issues, the house was not working! Through a friend’s recommendation, she found Pride Road Architects and was very impressed.

How our Concept Workshop turned a dream into reality

After careful consideration during a concept design workshop and several discussions, Sophie and Architect Lisa Raynes reached an agreement on the necessary renovations for their home. They decided to embark on a kitchen extension project and also addressed the need for a downstairs bathroom and a discreet utility room, optimizing the functionality of their living space.

The journey towards their dream house began as the renovations commenced, slowly bringing their vision to life. Each step of the process contributed to the transformation they had long envisioned.

Entering Lockdown with a measure of joy

Remarkably, the timing worked out perfectly, as the work was completed just before the onset of lockdown. Sophie expressed her delight, highlighting the opportunity they had to fully embrace and enjoy their new space as a family. The new kitchen became the backdrop for cherished family meals, and they even added a touch of excitement by exploring different themed cuisines on Saturday nights. The family shared their sense of moving into a new home, appreciating how Lisa’s expertise resolved the functional issues that previously hindered their daily life.

Sophie’s satisfaction with the final results was evident. She particularly appreciated the resolution of their initial concerns, such as the increased influx of natural light and the creation of a perfect space to accommodate their family gatherings.

Throughout the entire process, Lisa ensured that Sophie’s original vision remained at the forefront. In fact, she went the extra mile, incorporating additional improvements that added to the personal and homely ambiance of their new home, ultimately creating a lovely space that catered to their family’s needs.

Sophie: ‘I’m very happy with it! And what I liked was the workshop Lisa gave. She gave some advice first and then we booked in for the proper workshop, which I loved.’ Sophie’s daughter: ‘All my friends are really jealous.’

Lisa:  ‘The kitchen extension design has made a real difference. It now feels elevated and quite grand I think’
Pride Road

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