Extension and remodel to New Forest Cottage

The Property

This home is like a chocolate box, it is hard to tell what lies within. The clients came to me with a common problem – needing to down size but still want the space to host Christmas. The cottage, a Single Storey 3 bed detached 1832 cottage, was in a dream location but was dark and full of difficult spaces.

A planning consultant was invaluable for this project – it was classed as a small dwelling within the New Forest National Park so the extension had to fit within size restrictions. Various alterations were also carried out under permitted development.

There was also a large water pipe – which carries a river going through the site. The Environment Agency were involved in agreeing a suitable position for the extension.

The living room was the main area of circulation so was not cosy or easy to plan. they needed an additional bathroom, a better kitchen and dining layout so they could entertain and a utility space.

The Solution

We looked at a rear and side extension, conscious of site restrictions. Together, we remodelled some of the interior to create his and her bathrooms and a small utility space. 

A small but perfectly formed U-shaped kitchen was put in and works well. The clients wanted to incorporate furniture that they have had forever such as large dressers. Open plan living can create the problem of not having many walls left to put furniture against so we left some parts of walls to accommodate this.

A ‘sun room’ extension was added which is much enjoyed and lights up the cottage. A new roof light increases the daylight.

The cottage normally needs to work for 2, but they managed 8 at Christmas and were delighted with the project.

The Team

Architect: Laura Simpkins

Builder: Stag Builders

Kitchen Designer: Ikea

Structural Engineer: AW Partnership

Laura is quick, innovative and professional. A pleasure to work with someone who is an architect in fact, not just in name.
Eric and Frances

This was a complicated project with lots of hoops for the client to jump through. I am so delighted that they can enjoy living in such a special place now it is finished.
Pride Road

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