Redesign House Layout in Huyton, Liverpool

First build and than redesign the house layout, was it a good order?

Leigh and her husband wanted to have a kitchen extension to their fairly new house (build in 2006). They quickly went down the design and build process. Half way trough the building process it turned out that the interior configuration wasn’t the ideal solution they dreamed about. Leigh made a decision to employ Pride Road (Magda) to redesign her house.  The best solution wasn’t coming  when she wanted to redesign it herself. I arrived for a workshop and  we sat together at her table to work out different options for her newly open space plan. The 4th one  fit all the demands and had plenty of space and the best view to the garden.

What did we discussed?

The client wanted to have a fire place, a large dining table for 12 and of course a decent size of kitchen and living room.  The walls were suppose to stay as they were already build. I drew the plan showing Leigh that there will be a much better view to the garden if the middle wall will be taken away. We looked at both scenarios and what they allowed us to compose out of it. In the last option the living room get located in the extension with the garden view. Kitchen went along the party wall and the large dining table got its own room that could be separated optionally.

Magda listened to me and came up with a variety of concepts. Things that I wouldn't have thought about. It really helped me to consider different options. Now I have an exciting decision to make, which one to go with.

Magda came up with a variety of concepts, things that I wouldn't have thought about.

The design got better with every option as we were eliminating what wasn't working well step by step.

It was easy to start the workshop on this extension as there were already scaled plans for me waiting. I have to admit that the small coffee table was a challenge to maneuver with all my tools and pens. We managed to rejig the plans and optimize them step by step. It got better with every option as we were eliminating what wasn't working well. We looked at where to put a fire place , and how to fit nicely the kitchen, dining and a living room into the extension. We considered the view and decided to see the option when we take away the middle wall of the extension. I suggested to fully open into the garden and fit some nice sliding door. My idea was that the first impression when you come into this open space extension is that the garden is the part of it. We went through 4 different designs as we spared the time on additional measuring. The cats were watching me carefully, making wishes for a new cat flap in the new sliding door to the back.
Pride Road

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