Extension to 1960’s bungalow, Barton on Sea

Michelle and Mike are looking to create an extra room in their 1960s bungalow as their son and his girlfriend have moved in.

The 4 bedroom bungalow has a lovely vaulted ceiling extension, but the kitchen and living space is on the small side for a home of this size. When Micelle moved in, she noticed that the circulation and flow of the bungalow was not going to work for family life.

This project is about solving practical problems like providing a toilet for guests so the bathroom can be kept private, and improving the flow of the bungalow as, for example, everyone has to go through the snug to get to the kitchen.

Option 1 – Creating a Corridor

At Pride Road, we are always looking to incorporate your own home reconfiguration ideas – drawing them out during our Concept Design Workshops  allows you to see their pros and cons.

This option from the homeowners created a corridor to get to the kitchen without disturbing the snug. It creates a new living room off the current dining space, keeping the kitchen as it is. However, when Michelle and Mike saw this option drawn out they rejected it.

Option 2 – extending the kitchen

This option involved extending the kitchen into the existing utility space to create a family kitchen more appropriate to the size of the house, and making a proposed boot room into a combined boot room / utility space. The new living room opens up more to the existing dining room.

Option 3 – creating a kitchen island

A development of option 2, which creates a kitchen island. Michelle and Mike find this option to be ideal. In their words, “the flow is better, the overall space is better, it would be the wow factor! It has great flexibility, you have got separate areas and I love the kitchen layout!”

Take a look at our ideas for different kitchen layouts.

Option 4 – the wild card

A Wild card that’s food for thought. This moved the kitchen over into the snug area creating a larger broken plan layout of kitchen and dining leading to a large living room with great views of the garden.


Michelle and Mike enjoyed the exploration of ideas during the concept workshop, and our full drawn out plans have been left with them to consider their next moves, and do so far better informed.

We hadn’t considered reorganising different areas of the house, we had been quite narrow in our thinking, we had just concentrated on one room. You made us think about other areas and how they work together. We couldn’t imagine that until we saw it drawn on the plans... I was dubious about the worth of a workshop, however seeing the four different ideas on the plans enables me to visualise it better and I can definitely see the worth in it.
Michelle and Mike, Barton on Sea

The options are brilliant, certainly things we wouldn’t have thought about - so we have loads to think over now.

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