Garage Conversion Bramhall, Cheshire

Our residential design clients, Janice and Pete, like most people, no longer used their garage to park their car. As usual, it was used mainly for storage, the odd bike, xmas decorations and bins. What they wanted to do, was make a better use of space, and covert it into a utility and downstairs wc.

So they called in Pride Road for some architectural expertise. During a half day concept design workshop, architect Lisa, looked at a couple of options, not only for the garage conversion plans, but also how to brighten the kitchen, with a simple reconfiguration and a new opening for bi-fold doors.

We're really pleased that we contacted Lisa, because although this is not a Grand Design, this is a domestic project that is going to make a huge difference to our lives.
Janice and Pete

For the cost of a half day workshop - £300, Janice and Pete now have a sensible plan that they can build to. It's fantastic value for money!
Pride Road

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