Ground Floor Extension on a 1920s Semi-Detached in Whalley Range

Having found us through Facebook, our clients contacted Lisa to help them transform their small and ‘pokey’ kitchen with a reconfiguration and extension at the rear of the property.

They completed a Concept Design Workshop with Lisa, bringing together all of their ideas into a design they loved. After a bit of a delay, they started the work in September 2018 and finished in January 2019. 

Now they have a beautiful space which has become their main living space, and they seldom go into the other room! It has revealed their garden space which was hidden away before. 

Were there any unforeseen circumstances?

There was a delay between the Concept Design Workshop and moving to the next stage which needed help from a Quantity Surveyor. The first time that they went out for quotes there were not many takers, and the quotes they did receive had huge variations in price. After involving a Quantity Surveyor, they went back to the same builders with a redefined scope, and the prices came back much closer and more accurate to the project.

There was some friction between two of their contractors, the kitchen fitters, and the builders. This caused some delays. They would highly recommend their builders – Manchester Construction, Britannia.

What’s next?

Now that their space opens up into the garden they are turning their attention there, with plans to transform the garden, convert the garage into a summer house type thing and get rid of the driveway.

Is there anything they would have done differently? 

The clients are very pleased with the finished result. The finished cost was more than anticipated, as they paid more for extras and improvements – tiles, fibers, new concealer board, electrics, outdoor lighting.

They think there are some bits of detailing that we want to look at again, such as the edging on the floors, but generally, no – there is nothing they would’ve done differently.

What is your favourite bit of the new design?

“The kitchen! Because we’d had such a pokey kitchen for so long. It’s so bright, the lighting, lovely to use. Both in here happily all the time”

One piece of advice for someone starting a project

“To be clear what exactly it is you want in terms of fixtures and fittings because builders and contractors want decisions”

Also, find yourself a good builder who makes good suggestions, considerations – not just a builder!

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