Ideas for a Successful Project

Elizabeth and Simon came to Pride Road in order to brighten, expand and modernise their kitchen. Their 3 bedroom semi-detached house was dark and needed 2 separate downstairs entertaining spaces- one for children and another for adults.


I’ll outline the features of the project that Elizabeth and Simon are pleased with, along with some problems and solutions, recommendations, and cost information.

Features they’re pleased with

Problems, solutions and areas for improvement




Lisa estimated a cost of £88,000 for the project, and they all agree that they have been lucky to get their results for that amount. A lot of the reduced cost came from their builder being more reasonable than others. “Not going to the obvious places made a difference,” according to Elizabeth, such as getting the builder to measure for glass, rather than a glass company.


Estimated Cost £88,000

Thank you for delivering a design that really works well for us and that both looks good and functions well. Everything we hoped it would be really… And I’m quite a hard person to please! There’s nothing that we’re not happy with!

I can’t think of anything I could change!

I’m amazed by the results for £88,000!

I’m amazed by the results for £88,000; I love how bright it is and small details like the plastering, island tops and mirrors.
Pride Road

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