Internal remodel to New Forest cottage 

Type of Property

1910 semidetached cottage in a beautiful rural setting

Describe the Brief

This cottage lies in an area of the New Forest and had already had a conservatory and a small extension added. The clients wanted a more sociable kitchen and to make better use of the small plan, ideally replacing the conservatory with an extension.

Challenges of the Existing Layout

The plan was typical cottage style, with lots of small cozy spaces, and akin to other cottage redesigns we have undertaken. This made it difficult to fit furniture in and there was no flow through the house. The kitchen was separated from the dining space by a utility area that was dark and cold. There was wasted space with a lobby area that was just walked through but not used.

How Challenges & Issues Were Solved

After a concept design workshop, we worked up an extension option that solved the layout issues and created a kitchen-dining space overlooking the substantial garden. Due to restrictions of the national park, this project had to be amended to a remodel scheme, which meant that every last bit of space needed to work hard.

Our ideas had to work around the existing conservatory, so we left the kitchen in its original position but took out a built-in cupboard to create a more flexible space. The utility and dining room areas were opened up to create a living space with a new staircase. Unfortunately, bats were discovered on the first day of construction, meaning a delay and adding special bat tiles to the roof.

Our Thoughts

The internal remodel of Sarah and Bob’s New Forest cottage exemplifies how thoughtful design and meticulous planning can overcome significant challenges. Despite the constraints posed by the national park and unexpected wildlife issues, the project was a success. The transformed space now offers a seamless flow, increased functionality, and a modern aesthetic that enhances the overall living experience.

This case study highlights the importance of adaptability and creative problem-solving in residential architecture. The collaboration between Sarah and Bob and the team at Pride Road New Forest & Bournemouth demonstrates how tailored architectural solutions can bring a homeowner’s vision to life, even in the face of stringent regulations and unforeseen obstacles.

The Team

Architect: Pride Road New Forest & Bournemouth
Builder: Your Space Construction
Kitchen Designer: Tess Stobie, Raison Home
Structural Engineer: Maria Ward, AW Partnership

"We are very pleased with the new space. It is much easier to live in and easier to keep clean and tidy. Laura was very helpful; she came up with some ideas we wouldn't have thought of ourselves and she was able to recommend builders and other professionals that we worked with, all of whom we have been very happy with."
Sarah and Bob

"I am so pleased that this project is finished. It was a marathon for the client with planning and bat hurdles, but the end result is a complete transformation."
Pride Road

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