Kitchen Design and Garage Conversion in 1930’s Semi – Mosley Hill, Liverpool

Kim and Emily asked me (Magda) to redesign the kitchen and living room in their 1930s semi detached house in Mosley Hill, Liverpool. Their kitchen was too small and too remote from the rest of the house.  The house had a narrow extension that caused a lot of trouble with its small shed and the outside toilet in the back. Kim and Emily turned out to be quite skilful DIYers. The biggest problem they faced though, was the design. That’s why they asked Pride Road for help.

The initial idea that they had turned out to be the least attractive. We drew three other kitchen design ideas that either gave more light, took care of wasted side space or just expanded the extension so that it would be more usable as a kitchen. I managed to convince them to use the wasted garage space as a toilet and the utility room.  When they have a cost plan towards the kitchen redesign and garage conversion, it will be easier to make a decision to focus on one of the options.

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