Maximising Space in a 1930s Semi-Detached Home in Coventry

The Property

Sandy Hickey at Pride Road Architects South Warwickshire was invited to work on a 1930s Semi-Detached Home in Coventry. The objective of the project was to maximize the number of bedrooms in the home while creating a flexible living space for the homeowner.

The homeowner, a single individual, who travels for work and spends quite a lot of time in Europe was looking to rent out separate rooms in the property. The goal was to create a space that would meet both his needs and those of potential renters.

The Solution

They explored different options to achieve this. The first discussion centred on adding a single-story extension across the back of the house to provide a large social kitchen and dining area and going into the loft to create three generous double bedrooms, each with an ensuite.

Another option was to create two bedrooms downstairs and a large living/dining/kitchen area. To maximise the number of bedrooms, they considered creating an ensuite on the ground floor, a second loo, and converting the first floor into two good-sized double bedrooms with ensuites. They also looked at adding a loft conversion and creating a fourth bedroom on the first floor with a two-story extension.

They also rearranged the first floor to keep three bedrooms and move the bathroom to the centre to make a good-sized bedroom. The goal was to explore the limits of how many bedrooms they could fit into the 1930s semi-detached home.

In conclusion, the 1930s Semi-Detached Home in Coventry was a success as they were able to show a range of ideas for flexible living space that met the needs of the homeowner and potential renters. The team at Pride Road Architects South Warwickshire is dedicated to providing creative and practical solutions to maximize the potential of any space.

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