Our Process of Transforming Regular Homes into Remarkable Spaces

Sometimes it’s difficult to unlock your space’s true potential even when you have a clean slate to work with. When contacting Pride Road, our client had one core problem, outlined below…

“We were a clean slate with no clear idea of what to do with the space”

When redesigning houses, the main challenge internally, is bonding the new concept with the existing structure and new flow, and externally, with the surrounding neighbourhood. However, with limited possibilities, such as budget, client interests etc. finding the right vision for spaces can be overwhelming. Our client was unsure how to best use her crucial living areas while incorporating her home’s standout features and functionality.

Naturally, the client had many ideas, however, she could not understand the implications of the different design decisions and wasn’t aware of all the possibilities. She got in touch with Pride Road architects to help sift through the concepts, discover what could work, and create a more robust plan of what she wanted to happen with the spaces, and how we could facilitate this.

“Our architect Magda did wonders”

With the workshop design session Magda worked her magic to open Lynsey’s and Francis’s eyes to different ideas. She helped them understand the implications of each design so they could make an informed decision on what their family needed. All of this happened within one day!

Weeks later, once the plan had been settled and the budget was confirmed, Magda brought the team to help bring her ideas to fruition.

There is a lot of work to be done before the plans manifest as a refined computer drawing, ready for a builder to work on. Lots of technical aspects need to be foreseen, not only from the planning perspective, but from a future building regulations aspect.

The team investigated and analysed the area, establishing facts about the house, the garden and the neighbouring property.

Additional thoughts and opinions on how to give the living spaces the makeover that suited the client’s ambitions were being taken into account in each step of the process. Magda held discussions with the clients, which Linsey heralded as ‘invaluable’ insight.

Linsey and Francis decided to use an interior designer and a kitchen designer to refine the ideas into a detailed plan, building upon Magda’s original workshop.

The concepts were to open up the core living areas by interconnecting the kitchen, living room, dining area, and garden, allowing a seamless transitional flow.

Thanks to Magda , the team had finalised the design to the clients satisfaction. She thoroughly discussed each step to make sure the clients were happy with all the technical solutions that evolved during the design process in the later stages.

The well-orchestrated team delivered a project that left a very pleased client.

Pride Road got to work on building the new, transformative space. The first point of action would feature a view into the garden that wasn’t there before;

a new natural light source from the glass sliding doors leading to the garden,  creating transparency between outdoor and interior life.

The light would feed into the indoor living areas, opening up the spaces, and offering a more charming and revitalising aesthetic. Finally, the kitchen, dining, and living room boundaries would be blurred through an open floor plan that brought consistency to the home and cohesion between the spaces within..

As always, on the building site there were challenges in the months-long process, however, the desired result was achieved. The client enjoyed the personable, frequent and convenient communication through WhatsApp and Email. Clients would update on progress and ask questions regarding their obstacles, and appreciated the hard work ethic of the Pride Road team when the solutions were coming back promptly. Any problems that hindered the process were quickly resolved, with creative ideas that drove towards the ultimate ambition of the project.

The client celebrated the result as a “beautiful, inventive space” and one that would have been near impossible to accomplish without the insight and action of the Pride Road Team.

“Thank you Pride Road & team!”

Magda, Alan & Bruce from Pride Road, Lucy Burt from Nest, Francesca from Design by Helium, Micaela from BDI Structural Solutions, Wendy Dowse from Align BC and Adam Sudryk the builder.

"We really appreciated Magda's invaluable advice at every step of this process, and how she promptly helped us resolve any issues with the design and construction process."

"Our residential architect Magda did wonders"

"Everything ended up looking amazing!"

"I love the sliding doors with top light windows, everything ended up looking amazing!"
Pride Road

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