Prestwich Park Road South 4 storey villa renovation

Our clients live in a gorgeous early Victorian semi-detached villa in Manchester with over 4 floors and despite its beauty, it needed a lot of work done for practical reasons.

Architect Lisa Raynes did a concept design workshop with them 2 years ago, and after that the work began quickly, partly due to finding a suitable builder very early on.

The issues the clients had mainly involved the lower ground floor, where a large bathroom and chimney breast often got in the way. They worked together with Lisa to find a solution, and they did.

Together, they removed the large chimney breast and turned the bathroom into a smaller one, about half the size. One client commented that ‘the size worked brilliantly’. With the rest of the former bathroom area, they introduced a utility room, using the extra space very effectively.

Additionally, a corridor was put in through the large back space and the rear room was converted into a smaller kitchenette. They also split up the front and back room and inserted both an en suite and dressing room in the middle, which Lisa said ‘works really well’.

Whilst the clients sometimes wondered if all their dreams for their house were possible, in the end they said that Pride Road and Lisa ‘really solved all the problems up there’.

The entire project consisted of working on 3 bathrooms, the downstairs loo, the kitchenette and having all the other rooms redone.

Even before the work was done, the property value had already increased from £582,000 to £790,000 so it’s everyone’s guess that it is much higher now.

Written by Eliza Mulready-Carroll

Lisa ‘really solved all the problems in the house’.

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