Pride Road Architect Laura remodels her new home in the New Forest!

Lockdown madness caused Laura and John to view a 1960s 4 bedroom detached chalet bungalow, it was in a fantastic location in the village that they already lived in and loved.

The house had been owned by one happy owner who had extended it in the 1970’s, but was not the right layout for a family of five. Interestingly, it also had a previous two storey split level extension.

Challenges of the Existing Layout

The kitchen was tiny, no space to sit and eat and was opened up to a dining space which was at the front of the house. The front door opened on to a view of the bathroom – and this bathroom was blocking the wonderful view to the New Forest.

Like so many people during lockdown, they also considered that they needed an office space for home working, and a utility room.

How Challenges and Issues were Solved

Following a workshop with architect Lisa Raynes, Laura and John were presented with 4 options for a new layout.

Laura then carried on designing, coming up with many more layouts and then settling on the first one she thought of! The garage was underwent a conversion, the front part was retained as a cycle store, then the back was converted into a family bathroom and utility room.

The back of the house was opened it up with numerous beams, creating a large open plan kitchen dining space. This space has large sliding doors which showcase the ever-changing view of the countryside which the property sits alongside. And the essential office space was created at the front of the house.

The Team

Pride Road New Forest & Bournemouth

Universal Building Ltd

Kitchen Designer:
WE Kitchens

Structural Engineer:
AW Partnership Ltd

"The kitchen is a place where we all want to be now, before it was too small for us, it's nice to be able to cook with other people, it's a more sociable area." - Ruth, age 16
Pride Road Architect Laura and John

"I can't believe how much we changed the house by remodeling, everything feels bespoke to us as a family and the view from the kitchen is a joy every day."
Pride Road

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