Rear Extension Ideas: Do Our Chorlton Clients Need an Extension

Do Helen and Jason need a rear extension?

Our Chorlton clients wanted to see if they could reconfigure the interior of their two-bedroom terraced house and to look at the possibility of a small extension.

In this architect workshop, we drew up the existing layout, and then looked at how we could reconfigure the layout and looked at some rear extension ideas.

The house had a traditional terraced layout; at the very back there is a small kitchen and behind that is access to a small storage space. The kitchen opens out to a small backyard. In the middle of the house is a living room, and at the front is a reception room that is used as a dining room. In between the two rooms, there is a staircase going up to the first floor.

We drew up plans for three different options for the house –  alteration and rear extension ideas.

All plans are to-scale.

Option 1 – internal alteration

For the first idea, we looked at opening the wall into the kitchen and changed the kitchen layout, keeping the size but dismantling the back outrigger and the small storage house and opening the wall into the garden. This would create a galley kitchen with a roof window to bring in some natural light.

We also looked to see if we could put a utility room on the side of the house but there would not be enough space to pass by the washing machine this idea was dropped. Instead, we looked at putting a utility room under the staircase, and instead of having a window, have an open door in the kitchen that goes out to the backyard.

There would be a small table for two in this living room and space for a small fireplace corner.

This option required the least structural work.

Option 2 – internal alteration

This proposal was the wild card.

We looked at moving the small kitchen into the current living room which would allow the existing kitchen to be turned into a small dining room with a French door going out into the garden.

The part of the kitchen that would still be in the current kitchen space would have a worktop and the part that has encroached in the living room would have different doors and be disguised, even though it has the cupboards and storage.

We also proposed moving the washing machine under the staircase. which would provide more storage room in the kitchen.

Putting a large mirror on the wall would lighten up the room and create a visual space in the house.

Option 3 – rear extension idea

This would be the most expensive option as it involves an extension which would need planning application and talking to the neighbours as the extension comes close to the neighbours’ wall.

In this option, we moved the kitchen, kitchen island and dining table into the middle room, which would allow them to move the seating area so it overlooked the garden, and will bring more light into the current living room.

The kitchen is recessed into the wall where the chimney breast is so we decided not to bring back the fireplace into this room and instead put a hob where the chimney breast is.

In this idea, we maintained the idea of having a utility room under the staircase.

Proposed two roof lights to bring a lot of light into the existing room to bring more light into the room.

We kept the current structural pillar because it is supporting the stepping wall, the external wall is not straight and keeping this pillar will allow them to reduce the cost of the steel but keeping the connection between the kitchen and the living room.

We put the wood burner in the corner and decided the flue could go out through the chimney, so they can enjoy the wood burner whilst sitting in the living room.

The result?

The main issue the client had was the kitchen was really small, and all three options opened up the space and provided more storage and worktop space.

They also felt the kitchen was too dark as there is currently no window looking out into the garden, only a side door and a window looking towards the neighbour’s house.

Jut by introducing the roof light into the extension, it changed the amount of light in the extension.

As architects, we provide the idea and take the clients through the path of exploring it and analysing the positives and negatives. They can then take the plans to builders and kitchen fitters to get quotes. We also provide assistance on planning applications. See design stages here.

The hand-drawings are in scale so the clients and builders can measure from them to get the first cost estimates.

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Estimated Cost 25K

I love exploring small spaces!

This project was an interesting puzzle to put together. The main idea from Helen and Jason was to see how they can change their internal layout so they can enjoy the garden more. The current layout had a blocked wall to the back of the house so there was no view. Every house has its own secret pockets and we explored them all together during the half day workshop. It cost them only £300 to talk to an architect and get the scaled sketches done.
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