Semi-Detached House Extension in Heaton Chapel, Stockport

Anna and Alex live in a 3 bedroom, 1930s semi in in the upcoming Heaton Chapel, Stockport. They contacted Pride Road Architect Lisa at the start of the first lockdown in 2020

All of the design process was done online from the Brief, to the Concept Design Workshop, apart from a fully masked up pre-planning meeting, so Lisa could see the house in real life prior to making the planning application! Of course Alan went to visit the property to do the full measured survey.

What did Architect Lisa do?

Here’s how our architect addressed concerns and executed a plan that would achieve her vision for her 1930s three-bedroom semi-detached home.

In the Concept Design Workshop with architect Lisa, it was agreed that creating a more open living space was key, and would bring a more seamless flow through an open plan where the family spent the most time.

Space was also a concern, where there was a lack of storage for items such as the children’s toys, creating more clutter than necessary around the downstairs. More integrated storing space was placed on the list of redevelopment priorities, including the infamous lootility!

Here’s what our client said about the outcome.

She adored the new kitchen, cloakroom, and utility, adding the three vital factors desired to her home – connectivity, increased storage, and practicality. Specific compliments were geared to how new areas were fitted, with a particular love of the Crittal style Aluminium doors.

“I wouldn’t have done anything differently”, she said. “It feels like we’ve found new life from the open plan!”.

However, she did acknowledge that she didn’t realise how long the redevelopment would take. She offered advice to others planning renovations to plan for more extended timeframes.

Final words from the architect.

Our Pride Road architect shared similar delight with the project outcome. “Love it, want to live here”, she said. “It was a lockdown project incorporating different ideas; it’s amazing to see how everything has come to fruition!”.

Estimated Cost £100,000

"I wouldn't have done anything differently", client Anna said. "It feels like we've found new life from the open plan!".
Anna and Alex

"Love it, want to live here", architect Lisa said. "It was a lockdown project incorporating different ideas; it's amazing to see how everything has come to fruition!".
Pride Road

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