Single Storey Extension in Wilmslow

Moyà contacted Lisa from Pride Road Architects to explore options for a reconfiguration and possible extension to their property in Wilmslow.

Together at the original workshop a few years ago, we came up with three options. The first option was to extend all the way across the back of the house, the second option was a variation and the third was just to partially across the back.

They spent the following year considering the ideas, exploring costs and making decisions. In February 2018 they came back to Pride Road to move to the next stages – planning, building regulations and finding a builder.

They have done a single storey extension to rear, garage conversion to a study, and a utility room & downstairs bathroom. They are now in the stages of finishing off interiors and completing the kitchen. In addition, the builders added aerial routers into the house, they insulated the garage which now means the bedroom above is warm whereas before it was cold. The boiler has been upgraded & new pipes throughout (which has got rid of the clanky before!)

Were there any unexpected events?

The clients ended up with 2 extras – one was drainage which was unforeseen and added an additional cost of 2.5k, and there was change from wooden beams to steel beams in the flat roof to hold the lantern. When asked if they would have preferred to have smaller lantern options, they said “absolutely not”, they are very happy with the flat roof.

The finished result brings in plenty of light – with UPVC french doors, and the lantern – Moyà says she’s really pleased with it.

How was the experience of the build?

Moyà and her family stayed in the home during the build. The builders built a temporary kitchen upstairs, and the family had to shift rooms a little bit – two boys had to share a room, girl had to move room.

What do they think of the finished result?

On the whole, Moyà and her family are delighted. If they could give advice to other families venturing into their own projects it would be to plan ahead and think about everything beforehand, don’t rush into it, would recommend Pride Road, the workshop is fantastic value for money, and they enjoyed working through ideas on table, it was absolutely invaluable. Moyà has even recommended one of her colleagues who is having workshiop with Pride Road too!

Estimated Cost £108k

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