Timperley Architect: internal reconfiguration

Ines and Sam, a young couple from Portugal came to study in Manchester and stayed. They have now bought a 1930s 3 bedroom semi in Timperley. During the free initial consultation, chartered architect Lisa explained how, because the house was on a narrow plot and the roof was shallow, it would not be cost effective to do a 2 storey extension or extend the loft. Fortunately, there is an existing outhouse, which can be used to extend living space. Therefore, Lisa advised just to look at reconfiguring the ground floor to provide the internal spaces they needed. Fortunately the house already had a single storey extension, but it needed modification to make the space practical.


Estimated Cost £30,000

We're Ines and Sam. We live in Timperley, we've just finished a workshop with Lisa from Pride Road Architects, where we're just looking at internal modifications for ground floor and we went though about 5 different iterations, and it was really wonderful. I think we achieved what we can do with the internal reconfiguration and we're looking forward to moving the project forward.
Ines and Sam

We went though about 5 different alterations, and it was really wonderful.

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