Transformation of a 1930s Semi-Detached Property in Guildford, Surrey

Property Overview

Acquired from auction for investment purposes, this 1930s semi-detached property in Guildford, Surrey, posed challenges in terms of layout and space utilization.

With three bedrooms and a less-than-optimal flow, Michael and Karnagy sought architectural expertise to enhance the property’s value and appeal to potential buyers.

Brief and Challenges

The existing layout featured a kitchen-adjacent bathroom occupying valuable light-filled space and had poor flow throughout. The third bedroom on the first floor was notably small, prompting a desire to expand and improve the layout.

The goal was to enlarge bedroom sizes, introduce a family bathroom and en-suite to the master bedroom, and create a more efficient ground floor layout. The workshop aimed to assess the project’s viability in terms of cost and value, guiding the decision to proceed with development.

Client Workshop

A comprehensive full day workshop with Michael delved into creative solutions for the identified challenges, envisioning a home that would resonate with prospective buyers.

Ground Floor Options

Option 1 proposed a rear extension, introducing a hallway to segregate the front living room, incorporating a utility room and a WC under the stairs. This design created an open-plan rear space with a spacious kitchen and dining area.

Option 2 explored an offset extension from the boundary to avoid blocking light from neighbours it shares the party wall with, and wrapping around the other side of the property. The shifted kitchen provided space for seating and a dedicated dining area, making it the preferred option for its seamless flow and posed lower planning risk.

First Floor Options

Building upon the chosen ground floor option, Option 1 situated the master bedroom at the rear of the house, featuring an en-suite and walk-in wardrobe. Another bedroom was enlarged, and a family bathroom was added.

Option 2 repositioned the family bathroom, foregoing the walk-in wardrobe but accommodating two large bedrooms upstairs. Option 3 explored the possibility of four bedrooms with one en-suite.

Ultimately, Michael favoured Option 1 for its overall appeal.

"It was an absolute pleasure working with Michael and Karnagy on this investment project. I’m so glad they found the workshop useful to visualise the space and check the viability of the development before moving forward"
Pride Road

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