Triangular feature window to gable for a 1930s semi-detached house

Dinh and Simon approached Pride Road to to redesign their dated 1930s semi detached house in Sale. They bought it in 2017, and it was desperately in need of modernising. It was in a great location, but as Dinh says ‘the house was the worst house on the best street’

They looked at different locations, Chorlton, Didsbury, but chose Sale because they were involved in a local sports club. 

They saw the potential of the house and they knew they were going to be able to extend it. 

Dinh says ‘We did a few things to get us started, we did the bathroom because it was dire, the living room, put an extra sockets, re-plastered, change the floor, insulated underneath, put in a wood burner, fitted wardrobes’

And then they got in touch with Pride Road Architects to increase the footprint.

Dinh says ‘We worked with Pride Road to gain an extra bedroom, two extra bathrooms We also gained a downstairs bedroom, utility room, a dog bathroom, a kitchen with a separate bar. In the master bedroom, we gained a gable window and a walk in wardrobe’

On Renewables

Simon says ‘ throughout the house we smart homed it and installed rainwater harvesting which feeds the toilets, and have solar panels with 2 batteries in the loft. The rainwater tank was enormous, it’s seven and a half thousand litres that’s three meters by two and a half meters by 80 centimetres. We moved out of the house for four months’

Who did you work with?

‘So, we’d recommend Ideal Construction our builders. Liberty Glazing, who did all our windows. Francesca from designed by helium for the windows. Lee the tiler was phenomenal! And of course we would recommend Pride Road Architects.’

What’s your favorite thing about the house?

Dinh says… ‘personally, is just sitting in my walking wardrobe because it’s the quietest room. There’s no windows. I can shut the doors and hide.’

Simon says ‘I can’t break it down to one. So I’ve got three. So, it’s the larder cupboard. It’s the wine cellar. And my glass washer in the bar’

Estimated Cost £240,000

My favourite place is just sitting in my walking wardrobe because it's the quietest room. There's no windows. I can shut the doors and hide.

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