Urmston home extension plans

Urmston home extension plans

Steve from Urmston already has his home extension plans but is unsure about a couple of points.

He already had the proposed plans drawn, but the roof wasn’t looking as good as expected. On top of that, the flow of the house had some room for improvement. The narrow corridor leading to the main family space wasn’t ideal in the new option that we were revising with Steve.

The old house layout had already been extended twice. The two long and narrow rooms (a kitchen and the living room) needed to be joined to bring the family life together. The location of the family space could also ideally be closer to the garden.

Reconfiguring the house would also allow the benefits of the garden to be enjoyed from inside the house. The series of an extended living room and its addition created a very narrow and dark space inside the house. The roof lights in the second part of the extension didn’t help to bring the light in, as they were too far from the actual dark part of the living room.

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Home extension re-design thought process – internal house flow

Steve didn’t want to demolish too much of his ground floor. He had a large budget allocated to the build, but he didn’t want to go beyond it. The kids had their front room for playing, so what was needed was a large family extension. Their current living room would be retained as a man cave or cinema room, where the dark aspect of it wouldn’t be a downside.

Some storage space, a loo and utility room were essential to accomplish the perfect setup. The narrow corridor that was in the proposed design got wider with more storage wardrobes. We moved the utility room and the WC to the back of the garage. As the design process moved on, we looked at different layout options to keep the 5.5m length of the garage. We explored the option of relocating the kitchen and getting an additional room looking into the garden to allow the play room to have outdoor access.

Workshop questions on the elevation

There were a couple of questions about the roof and rear elevation, and how to make it look better. I decided to propose a simple mono-pitched roof or a flat roof option. Both had many variations on material, shape and shading. The options we looked at can be developed further in later design stages.

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What Steve can do after the workshop?

Steve can establish the estimated cost for each of the elevation option with the help of our quantity surveyor. We can also show the elevation design in 3D (Sketch Up) when we have it ready, as this is very helpful with more complicated elevation designs. When the concept design stage is finalised we can draw the plans in CAD and submit them to the planning and later proceed to the building regulation stage.

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Estimated Cost £70k

Designing the elevations when the budget is more extensive always generates more options.

Designing the elevations when the budget is more extensive always generates more options. I run a workshop based on already drafted ideas. We had polished the plans with Steve and answered all the questions he had about the internal functionality of the extension plans.
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